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Quijeremá’s dynamic reinterpretation of Latin American music is showcased in selections from their forthcoming project and CD “Al Son del Tunduki” - a musical journey to unearth and celebrate the importance of the African Diaspora in the Americas. Their music features traditional instruments, vocal poetry and merges jazz, classical and world idioms to create a unique musical experience. Quijeremá is a 2012-13 California Arts Council grantee, performs nationally and internationally, including concerts for the President of Chile and the Cultural Diversity Festival in Venezuela, and was a 2009 IDA nominee for best musical soundtrack for their PBS documentary “Archeology of Memory”.

There are no upcoming events right now.

"Using various methods of artistic expression, Quijeremá is more than just a band.They are poets and multi-media designers. Combining sounds from almost all over Latin America, their music contains a multi-cultural vibe that is guaranteed to impress anyone." -- SF ReMezcla

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