quique cruz

vocals, strings, andean wind instruments & percussion

quijerema quique cruz andean flutesQuique Cruz is a Chilean-born award winning musician and composer who has performed, taught and recorded Latin American music for over thirty years. He plays a variety of Andean flutes including Sikus, Antaras (panpipes) and Kenas. He also plays guitar and other stringed instruments such as the Venezuelan Cuatro and Bandola as well as  the Bolivian Charango and Ronroco.

Cruz was  been awarded with the Multidisciplinary Arts Award by the National Endowment for the Arts; also the prestigious Oshita Composer Fellowship from the D’jerassi Foundation,  as well as  the Artist in the Community Fellowship by the California Arts Council Foundation.  In addition, he has created multimedia productions involving theater, dance and visual arts

Cruz has recorded numerous albums with artists such as Jackson Browne Strunz and Farrah, Kenny Loggins, William Ackerman, and has produced albums for the Chilean ensemble Grupo Raiz.  Cruz has traveled nationally and internationally and has made significant crossovers into the realm of popular North American music working with artists such as Pete Seeger, Mimi Fariña  and Sting, among others. In 2000 he released “Tatamonk” with Alex de Grassi, a CD which experimented with Andean musical art forms and jazz. Recordings made in Chile include “Santiago del Nuevo Extremo Live” (2002) and “Charango: Autores Chilenos 2002”
He recently co-directed and co-produced the award wining documentary film "Archeology of Memory: Villa Grimaldi". The documentary was  aired on PBS in 2009, 2010, 2011 and is being featured in national and international film festivals around the world.

Cruz has a degree in History from the University of California at Berkeley; earned a Master's degree in Latin American Studies from Stanford University, and is presently a Ph. D. candidate in Modern Thought and Literature at Stanford. www.quiquecruz.com